Why we do business

To cultivate and nurture the wealth of our clients.



We provide optimum solutions for our clients by being creative and caring. We are not selling-focused, but solution driven. We are transparent and provide honest and trustworthy services.



To be the finest, trustworthy, successful and respected financial services and investment management company in South Africa.



Enabling our clients to rise above their wealth objectives and optimizing their wealth potential. Investing in for the wellbeing of clients and stakeholders alike.


We Care

We contribute a percentage of our income to the Vanwealth Foundation (NPC), to play our part in promoting the development of a better world.

About us

Vanwealth Portfolio Management is an authorized financial services provider, was founded in 2009 and currently has offices in Cape Town, Bloemfontein and Johannesburg. Comprising two distinct departments, being Investment Management and Financial Services, we are a team of dynamic, innovative and focused individuals with an uncompromising high regard for ethical standards of practice.

Our team comprises investment- and financial services professionals with diverse qualifications, extensive experience and sound knowledge of the industry.  We combine entrepreneurial spirit and intuition within the disciplined framework of our investment process in the management of our clients’ portfolios. Our boutique environment and team culture encourages growth and innovation within the maxims of honesty, integrity and respect.

At Vanwealth we believe that every individual is unique. We therefore believe in and strive to develop investment and financial planning strategies that take your individuality into account. Whether big or small, we treat each client with meticulous preparation and care – if it’s important to you, we will make it important to us. Whilst we will at all times ensure your portfolio is sound in accordance with your objectives, we also believe in developing long term relationships and along the way earning the trust incumbent in being your financial partner.

Our team is highly motivated and passionate about the investment services and financial planning services, and helping clients generate wealth for themselves and ultimately create a legacy. At the end of the day we make decisions based on you and your best interests and will devote ourselves to helping you achieve your financial peace of mind. We therefore put a lot of effort into consistently delivering the most suitable strategy for you, our clients, and executing it fastidiously and diligently.